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»He has my heart.

Shim Yejun. idek why i like him this much. I don't even know much about him. All I know is that I liked him from the very start. Congratulations to you. So please don't break my heart by saying you like girls like Yao Yao. Please?

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Monday, June 28, 2010 4:42 AM

»How I wish to be a Supermodel.

Okay maybe not a supermodel... Whatever. I just want to be pretty & skinny. Because apparently I'm not. I think. Well anyways, we were in Villa Caceres today. Yay, 50th wedding of some people~ I took some selcas. With my DSi. Cause its fun. HAHA. Check it out on my facebook, if you're my friend. XD

Anyways, before the wedding and the reception, we went to National Bookstore in SM (it was raining hard, GAH!) and I got some post-its and that KPOP collectible magazine from MYX. I just opened it once and then wrapped it in plastic. Yuh. It's going to be in the shelf with all my other albums, books, and collectible kaypop things. Because I don't really have a life.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010 4:06 AM

»On the Positive Side.

SO YES. I have decided to go back to blogging. Don't ask why. It's a blur to me as well. Today is a big blur too. School is making me be a good little fangirl. I don't much time to spazz on the kpop idols anymore, but I try to squeeze in a few good minutes or so. I'm not that pervy EC fangirl you all knew. Teehee. Apparently, I want to be an honor student (the honor section has been removed this year, so yes, this is new to me, and I want to be one of the students in the top 10), which will probably never happen. But I do want my grades to be higher, so I try my best to excel in all the things I do.

Even if I suck at Filipino big time.

And when I mean big time,
I mean I pronounced `mapakla` as `matakla` (rusty) all my life until my science teacher corrected me, and I do not understand a single thing when I'm reading Obra Maestra.

We had our Acquaintance Party today, by the way. Interaction among different levels/people. I met some of my classmates. Everybody is nice, yeah. But I miss 8-Humility T__T (currently a 9-obedience student hereee~). But they give me the motivation to work harder, I guess. I look up to a lot of my old classmates. Cuz they rock, and I love them a lot. Anyways, we had lots of food and games. In the morning, we had the Paranymphus and BED stage all to ourselves. YAY.~ But ew, I had a sweaty back. And I was probably toasted like bread. Stupid sun. We would have probably died in the heat. On lunchtime, before I went home, I was in my class with some of my 8hum friends. Aw. They laughed at me when I danced to bonamana. ROFL. XD And in the afternoon, it rained. Whopeee. Good thing we were in our classrooms already.

Over all, I think this school year would be good for me. New experiences.

Who knows what will happen.

Till then, it's semi-hiatus for my fangirling side. Sigh.

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Friday, June 25, 2010 7:34 AM